LMCS offers lessons for riders at all levels in multiple disciplines!  We start our riders in the general disciplines of either Western or English riding and believe that the rider's goals and comfort level should guide the direction of lessons from there.  Students have pursued jumping, barrel racing, eventing, versatility work, and competitive trail riding within our program.  All riders learn to develop a positive relationship and good communication with their horses.
We teach children as young as 4 years old and have no age limit from there!  Our carefully selected school horses can work with riders of all different sizes, disciplines, abilities, and comfort levels.

All Lessons are only $45!!
Private lessons are 45 min
Group lessons are 60 min

The initial lesson is always an evaluation of horsemanship and is partially on the ground.  Helmets are available for student use for the initial lesson, but long pants and appropriate footwear (hard soled shoe with a small heal) are required for ALL lessons.


We are a riding school licensed by the MA dept of Ag and employ only licensed riding instructors to ensure the highest level of quality and safety for our students.